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This year I really wanted a flocked Christmas tree but didn’t have the extra money to go out and buy a new one. But one of my husband’s lovely co-workers was getting rid of her old artificial Christmas tree and so I gladly acquired it from her. Thank you so much Liza!

Our new/used tree is a pre-lit 6 foot Christmas tree that was perfect for what I had in mind! I decided to turn this tree into the flocked Christmas tree I had dreamed of and it turned out amazing! It only required 3 easy steps, 3 household items, and snoflock. (I have the steps listed below)

Flocked Christmas trees are the vintage-y, snowy looking trees.  The snoflock/artificial snow I used adds a fluffy white texture to any Christmas tree. So it won’t have a white plastic needle look, which I’m not a huge fan of.

Keep in mind you can make your tree very snowy or only add a little white fluff with plenty of green still showing. That’s the best part; you can make it exactly what you’ve dreamed up!

So let’s get to it… let’s start flocking!!

It’s very easy; all you need is:
• Spray bottle with water in it
• Kitchen sifter
• Tarp/old blanket (if you’re planning on doing it inside)
• Snoflock – I bought mine on Amazon. Here’s the link ➡️ Christmas Tree Snow – Professional Grade Artificial Snow Powder

Step 1
Spray your tree generously with water. The water will help the snoflock adhere to your tree.

Step 2
Fill your sifter about half full with the snoflock. While holding the sifter with one hand, grab the water sprayer with your other hand. Shake the sifter and spray the water onto the snoflock as it’s airborne and falls onto your tree. Repeat this step until you’ve reached your desired look.

This step took some getting used to… I’m clumsy so spraying and shaking the sifter at the same time took a few tries. Make sure you don’t spray the sifter or the snoflock will harden and stick to your sifter and not the tree (I may have done this).

Step 3
Once you have applied snoflock to your liking, mist your tree a bit more till the snoflock on your tree is saturated but not dripping. Too much water will ruin the fluffy texture.

You’re finished!! Just let your tree dry completely before decorating it. I let my tree dry overnight, and decorated it in the morning!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!

XOXO, Lisa Tornabene


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