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I love throw pillows! They add such a cozy touch to every room but I’m on a budget. Which meant I needed to find a low cost way to update our old miss-matched throw pillows. I have lots of hand-me-down throw pillows but none of them matched or fit the current style of our home, so making slipcovers was the next best option! It’s more affordable and very easy. A sewing machine isn’t needed and it only takes 4 quick steps.

• 1 & half yards of fabric for two pillows
Stitch Sew Quick
• Iron
• Pillow/Insert

Step 1: Cut fabric
• Width = (insert/pillow X 2) +6”
• Length = Insert/pillow + 1”
• Example: If your pillow/insert is 18” you cut 19” X 42”

Step 2: Hem edges
• Fold over ½” and iron flat

• Then sew along the ironed end

Step 3: Sew both sides
• Turn fabric over with the side you want showing face down (aka the ugly side up).
• Overlap the fabric 4”

• Sew a ½” seam on both sides while the fabric is over lapped.

Step 4: Finish up
• Turn the fabric inside out

• You’re finished!!! Now slip your new slipcover on your insert/pillow!

Good luck! let me know if you have any questions.

XOXO, Lisa Tornabene


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