2018 DIY Projects

With Christmas behind us and the New Year quickly approaching us, it’s time to start thinking about goals for 2018. I’m a planner so setting goals keeps me focused and helps reduce anxiety.  I’m always working on at least a few goals at any one time. This time of the year I love to set a few new goals, plan ahead, and have many things to look forward to thought the year.

So, I thought I’d take a minute and write down my 2018 house goals for ya’ll. I’m excited for a fresh new year with a blank slate to set my goals high.  Okay, so on to my goals! I planned on only having five goals but I couldn’t help myself and added one on last minute so here’s my top six house goals. Fingers and toes crossed everything goes as planned and I accomplish them in 2018!

  1. Add shiplap in our living room around the mantel

We’ve never been huge fans of the brown accent wall in our living room. Honestly, we need to re-paint almost every room as we didn’t pick any of the paint colors with the exception of our sunroom and our master bed room. Also, paint is not cheap and we hate painting so we just haven’t got to it yet. Thankfully the previous owners picked a lot of neutral paint colors but the brown accent wall needs to finally get an update. Shiplap will be the perfect accent and we can’t wait to get this project started!



  1. Update our staircase

Our staircase has no banister and our stairs are a bit steep. So it’s time we make them safer and more aesthetically pleasing. I can’t wait to finally get rid of our shag green carpet (I know you’re sad to see it go). Not only is it ugly but it’s a pain in the butt to clean. Vacuuming stairs is one of my most hated chores, second to doing the laundry. Thankfully my husband enjoys doing the laundry! We plan to add a banister, board and batten and wrap our stairs in beautiful hard wood.



  1. Paint our coffee table and end tables

I’ve been planning on painting my coffee table and end table for years but just haven’t got to it yet. Plus my husband is sick of me painting everything white.  Can you guess what color milk paint I plan to use? You guessed right, we’ll be using a white milk paint and then adding a bit of distressing to them!



  1. Update our kitchen

This has been on our minds since we looked at purchasing our home. We’ve always wanted to add a backsplash and paint our cabinets (yes I want them white). Although, we might paint the bottom cabinets a light gray color or the island in light gray. We haven’t decided all the details yet.  Stay tuned for more details and polls because we have a lot of hard decisions to make.


  1. Add shiplap to the south wall in the dining room

I absolutely love feature walls and the south wall in our dining room is calling out to me to be one! We’ll likely do this wall when we add shiplap around our mantel.  We’re going to be pros by the time we’re done and my husband will be lucky if I don’t convince him to add shiplap to every wall in our house.

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  1. Paint the front door

I’ve always wanted to add a pop of color to our front door. I’m a huge lover of yellow and I think it would be the perfect pop of color for our house. Although I am a bit nervous to paint our door such a bold color but luckily if I hate it, it’s only paint so it can easily be changed up.


Aaahhhh there it is, my friends! One year, six (hopefully attainable) goals. What big plans do you have for 2018? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

XOXO, Lisa Tornabene


5 thoughts on “HOUSE GOALS 2018”

  1. Okay. You help me with decorating our house and Dave is the master carpenter/remodeler lol. He’s at the moment drywalling an apartment:). He can easily help you with your stairs and kitchen if you want!!!


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