To be honest our family room floors have been in for a few months but I haven’t had time to share the news yet due to the holiday hustle and bustle. Since we bought our home I’ve been dreaming of removing our ugly red shag carpet and adding hardwood. We decided to avoid adding hardwood because of the high cost and lack of durability and ended up going with a luxury vinyl flooring to withstand the tough test of three rambunctious dogs. The best part is they’re waterproof, scratch resistant, very durable and easy to install.

The brand we went with is Tarkett Aloft collection, which was the perfect solution for our active family. We fell in love with their Canyon hand scraped color as it had an old weathered farm style look. Plus, the only tools needed to install our new flooring is a utility knife and a tape measure. I’m so glad they were extremely easy to install. I love that feeling of accomplishment after you’ve finished a new project.  I installed the same flooring in our sunroom, which I shared last year. This is what the progress looks like in our family room…

Here is a little glimpse into what it looked like before…

And here’s is a little glimpse into what it looked like during installation…

We still plan to make lots of additional updates to our family room, shiplap, furniture, and all the little details like lighting, and a new door.  But it feels so good to finally have absolutely no carpet on the first floor. I hated our red shag carpet, I couldn’t be happier to finally remove it. I hated vacuuming it and shampooing it so much. Our family room already looks 1000 times better. We love our new flooring so much we’ll likely add it to our dining room and maybe our kitchen to carry it throughout the first floor.

My favorite thing about these floors is you don’t need to pay extra to have someone install them. I had no experience installing floors and it was a breeze. What do you think of the room so far? We absolutely love how it makes the room look like a whole new space.  Let me know what you think in the comments below I would love to hear some feedback! You can also find me on Facebook and check my daily updates on Instagram!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

XOXO, Lisa Tornabene


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