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Hey friends,

I’m back, I took some time off to spend with family and work on building my dreams. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to find lots of affordable porch decor. Decorating on a budget is my jam! You can bring a cozy vintage touch to any space without spending hundreds of dollars.

You don’t need brand new accessories, new outdoor furniture or all the things. That’s right friends, we don’t. From one tight-budgeted friend to another, there is a way to get the most bang for your buck.


Yes, I think it goes without saying that comfortable seating on any front porch is necessary. We found our Adirondack chairs at a yard sale for $20. Yes, my chairs need a new coat of paint, or sealer to keep them protect them from the elements but for now, I’m loving the rustic look they add.


When it comes to adding seating I’d encourage you to be creative and think outside the box with this one. Keep in mind almost any bench can be fitted with a comfy cushion. Even tree stumps can be made comfy with a cute pillow. By all means, keep your eyes peeled at garage sales, thrift stores, and estate sales. You can find plenty of comfy chairs/benches/stools for pennies on the dollar and you’ll have more seating than you know what to do within no time at all.


I decided to use crates my mother-in-law bought me for our wedding candy bar and milk jugs for side tables. I encourage you to look around your house because you likely have something unconventional that would work perfectly as a side table like these crates. Also, scour those bargain spots and look past the ugly color of that side table because a coat of paint can work wonders. Plus, if you end up painting a few pieces, you’ll end up with a custom outdoor furniture set that is unique to YOU! Sometimes, you don’t even have to paint anything at all.


Don’t worry this is not where I tell you to run out to a big box store and pay full price for accent pieces. No way! I’m standing by my garage sale/estate sale/thrift store mantra for this, too. For example, I bought all my accent pieces at garage sales, estate sales, and thrift stores all for less than $20 bucks. I even convinced my husband to help me garbage pick an old fence gate. There are lots of accent pieces to be found and this is the perfect time of the year to find them.

Yes, sometimes you have to wade through a few flop sales where you walk away with nothing. Stay strong, when you come across even just a couple pieces you fall in love with it makes the hunt all worthwhile!

Let me know in the comments below what are your favorite things to use on your front porch.

Good luck hunting for treasures!!

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Thank you so much for stopping by!

XOXO, Lisa Tornabene


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