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Happy Fall ya’ll!!

My favorite thing to do every season is update my mantel! I always dreamed of doing this as a kid… I especially love decorating it for Christmas but let’s not jump too far ahead right now. For my fall mantel this year I really wanted it to feel less cluttered and cozier than my past fall mantels. So I started out by adding only a couple thrift store candlesticks, a wreath is from the Hearth and Hand line at target and a white and wrought iron frame is from Hobby Lobby.

Then I added a couple DIY Dollar Tree pumpkins (I absolutely love the mod podge book page ones) but my goal was still to keep the mantel as simple as possible. Ps. because I know a few people will ask, our curtains are from Big Lots and our curtain rods are from Christmas Tree Shop.

Now, on to the bottom of the mantel; I decided to really cozy the bottom up by adding lots of pumpkins from Michael’s, a ladder I garbage picked, a rusty old milk jug from a garage sale stuffed with free fall foliage that I picked from my ditch, a cozy blanket from Joann’s and a cute little wagon I found at a thrift store. I really wanted the bottom to overflow with cozy vibes of fall but also stick to a budget! So I used a lot of things I already had and just added very affordable fall vibes.

It’s even dog approved!! Our pups cozied up and joined in the fun when I was shooting. Okay, maybe bribed them with a few treats to persuade them to pose… BUT treats make everything more fun anyways.

They’re such good sports for mom!

Last minute I decided I wanted to change it up and remembered I had found a stunning fall painting my sweet grandma panted years ago. My grandma lost her battle with breast cancer long before I was born, I never had the opportunity of meeting her I love adding in her paintings to remind me of her. Many of my family members say I look very similar to her. She was an incredibly talented painter and crafter. So I took down the wreath and white/metal frame and added my grandmothers painting framed with old shutters from my cousin Peggy who is also a very talented crafter and vintage lover.

What do you think of the changes? I personally love looking up and seeing a piece of my grandma in our family room. It has a safe cozy feeling the first look was missing. Does anyone else do this? I find myself constantly rearranging decor even right after I finish decorating and photographing a space.

I hope my mantel has inspired you to get started on your fall decorating or maybe its inspired you to curl up with a cup of tea and relax for a bit!! I can’t thank you enough for stopping by and reading my blog. You guys and gals are the best!

Here’s a close up of her beautiful painting. It gives me all the feels!


Lisa Tornabene

“Fuel your soul with what you love!”


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